Transparent life cycle inventories


We have been generating life cycle inventory (LCI) for industrial clients and academic institutions since 1998.

Evan Griffing has performed life cycle work on fertilizer production, swine waste management, military products, catalysts, solvents, and building products.

Dr. Griffing has also developed our online life cycle inventory database, life cycle process simulator tools, and life cycle inventory roll-up tools.

Michael Overcash has developed the design-based methodology for life cycle inventories used in manufacturing improvement and product change. In addition, his work has focused on the fundamental chemical and mechanical constraints on recycle/reuse and the link to life cycle in product manufacture and economics of production efficiency.

Dr. Overcash has contributed to life cycle studies in energy production, electroplating, solvent selection, pharmaceutical processes, life cycle assessment comparisons, paper industry, carpet, and textiles. He has also been active in European life cycle efforts.

Eric Vozzola joined Environmental Clarity in 2013. Eric received his BS in chemical engineering from University of Florida in 2011, and has a background in the food processing industry. Eric has contributed to life-cycle studies on wind turbine production, cleanroom gowns, epoxy resins and hardeners, polymers, metal ores, and hydrocarbons.